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Are you looking to become a SUCCESS?

If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place. If you have been searching for a real opportunity where you will earn MONEY online, and one in which you are going to get an education, the tools and services you need, along with an unlimited amount of support, then you have also come to the right place.

Before I continue, I want to quickly explain to you what PREMIER DATA ENTRY is, what is taught here, and why it is everything that you need.

Within this community, you will gain access to thousands of companies that hire people to work for them online. We will also teach you everything you need to know, from the beginning to fundamentals.

If you would like to learn how you could start making $20, $50, even $100 or more every single day working from your home computer then you're in the right place. I am going to show you exactly how I do this day in and day out.

NOW, do You Want to turbocharge your bank account? Getting on the Fast Track to increasing your income.. Earn a few extra thousands working for online businesses! You could be making hundreds of dollars a day working at home! Sounds like a pretty good idea, you say? If you’d like to be on the making money end, you have found the right place.

Multi-Billion dollar corporations are now outsourcing jobs (online) to ordinary people just like you who want to work from their own home.

You don't need any special skills or experience to get started. If you have access to the Internet and can follow simple instructions, then you have what it takes and can get started immediately. Pay rates are excellent.. up to $100 per day. Thousands and thousands of people are taking back control of their lives and their time, and starting to work from the comfort of their home... With the Internet being everywhere now, a gigantic online marketplace has risen up and grown to huge proportions... We have thousands of members earning thousands from the comfort of their own home. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but we can guarantee an income of $20 - 100 a day! Here's a quick and easy way to make $100 daily or more from the comfort of your own home... or a cyber cafe near you....setting your own hours... and being in control of yourself, NOT someone else! There are numerous perks to taking up an online job. For one, you'll make money, which will come in handy, especially this holiday season.If you want to make a good income working from home, keep reading...

YOU Make upto $100 Per Day!

… Can you imagine yourself filling out very brief and incredibly simple web forms working from home and for quick and easy cash? How about getting paid for the simplest work possible? Can you type? Then you can do this!

How about if you could make more money than you could in any job? What if you could do this all at home while sitting in your pajamas?

… The great thing about the Internet is that you are your own employer. You have no one to answer to and you can work as much or as little as you like. The more you work, the greater the earning potential.

People spend billions online each year, and guess who gets a large chunk of this money? People like you!

Companies are giving a large percentage of their work to online workers, with some making thousands of dollars per day. This may seem unrealistic to you, but nothing is impossible online.

Unlike a retail store in your local shopping center, you have access to the ENTIRE WORLD with the Internet. This creates something that we like to call "exponential potential"...meaning, the opportunities are endless.

If you got fired today (If you are employed), YOU would be much better off working online from home for the next year than you would be working at your current job.

We can honestly say that if you (or anyone for that matter) dedicated time to creating income online through what we offer, you would be pleasantly surprised as to what you can achieve.

Sure, not everyone will achieve high level of success overnight, but nothing is impossible when you have the opportunity to connect to these companies and a worldwide audience (which the Internet allows). We will show you exactly how to leverage this opportunity and the leverage this massive audience.


I will help you through this!

How many sites have you seen where they are just selling you an idea but that's it. Not here. I know you need to have help, so I am going to help you.

That's right, I am not going to just try and offer you something and walk away, I'll help you through the process until you have income going into YOUR account.

It's Good AND it's TRUE!

Are you excited yet?

More than 10,000 companies said they realized that by outsourcing their data entry jobs and other positions, they are saving millions in costs associated with keeping employees in the office.

This is amazing news for you, right?

You obviously can type and have internet access because you’re reading this so you can easily do this and supplement your current income, or if you are like most of my other members, you can easily surpass that income and then quit your day job!

This is the easiest way to make incredible amounts of money online, fast...

Everyone should know about this!

You'll immediately realize that we have built and created a better life for thousands of people just like YOU!

That’s right, now it's your turn...

You are one of many using a true PROVEN system which can generate anyone a great legitimate income while simply working from home.

This is such an easy way to make money especially being online. You don't need any Special Skills or Experience. All you need is to follow our exclusive Step by Step instructions inside the members area, and a computer with Internet access!

We want you to succeed and FAST so we have put all our secrets, learning experiences and tricks of this new trade in one safe place just for you!

Work whenever you want, and from wherever you want or need to!

When do you have to work? You can work any time of day. There are no set times. If you're a night owl, then you can work in the middle of the night or at 3am if you want. That's the beauty of this. It's completely up to you! You work when it's convenient for you. Most people I hear work for 2- 4 hours some days when they want to and make fantastic money when they do.

You know what; honestly it doesn't get any easier, simpler or better than this! Think about it, all you’re doing is logging into the members area, and getting the most recent information you need so you can copy and paste it into the forms. Before you know it your bank account could be exploding with money.

You know what; you could realistically have cash coming in so freaking fast you don't know what to do! Seems hard to believe? Take a look at testimonial page for real life example of what's possible and how it’s so EASY!

Just Imagine Being Able To:

. Work from the Comfort of Your Own Home!
. Set Your Own Hours!
. Determine How Much You Want to Make!
. Get Paid Weekly!
. Be Your Own Boss!
. Work From Anywhere, Anytime!
. Earn $1,000 or More Per Month!
. No Experience Required!

Once you join, you will be given access to our members only area. The members’ area contains easy instructions on how to start making money entering data online and other online jobs. You will also be able to subscribe to a massive database of companies who need you to help enter data for them. It is easy to join each company and takes just a few seconds to register.

Begin earning within hours. You can access the database anytime and can control when you work. We provide you with everything needed to start entering data online. And the good news is, if you have additional skills, you can take up other categories of jobs.

Here is a list of just a few different other home based jobs you will get from these companies:

* Administrative Support (* Data Entry * Personal Assistant * Web Research * Transcription)
* Customer Service (* Customer Service & Support * Technical support)
* Writing & Translation (* Technical Writing * Blog & Article Writing * Copywriting * Translation )
* Sales & Marketing (* Advertising * Email Marketing * PR - Public Relations * Mkt Research & Surveys )
* Web Development
* Software Development
* Business Services


So let me tell you exactly how it works... First you join Premier Data Entry here. Then you'll get instant access to the Step by Step Tutorials in the exclusive members area that I told you about earlier. Remember now that this access is good for LIFE, so you'll have an incredibly simple way to make money. If you have any hard times ahead, at least you’ll know they won't be because of money!

This training will always be updated, so you'll be sure to always have exactly what you need to be the most up to date and successful in your new business.

Once you become a member you simply go on inside where you'll be given access to companies that need YOU to work for them. There is a HUGE database of those companies!. There is no reason that you couldn't be making money within the next few Hours!

After all there are as we said latterly over 10,000 companies to choose from to do this easy work for. You get to jump right in and browse through this private list we created and maintain so that you get the best possible pick from the companies you want to work with.

Keep in mind, that with all of these companies, it's completely FREE to work with them! Every single one of these companies is waiting for you. They are so in search of data entry people. These companies NEED people just like YOU to enter data for them.

Once you have completed that step of the process then you'll create your accounts to submit data online. It’s no big deal. It won't even take you very long at all!

You will be excited to hear that almost all of our members report back how easy it is to make money; they can't believe how simple it really is! You can start on another, once you submit one. The more jobs you submit, the more money you can make! You can do this anytime you want to make extra money. It's really that easy!

Here's something else really great about this program: Even though you're working for a reputable company...

You Don't Have A Boss!

That's right! You don't have anyone managing over you or telling you what to do. You have no one to report to. Even though you are posting data for the company, you are not their 'employee.' You are completely independent!

Basically, by signing up with a company to work for them, you're given 24 hour access, 7 days a week. And, you have no working obligations. You can work in the day, afternoon, evening, night, it doesn't matter! You can work at a different time every day. You can work whatever days you want. You have complete control and flexibility over your schedule.

And as I told you, entering data is very simple and easy! You're given access to your own personal account and all you do is follow...

How Genuine is this..?

We are 100% genuine and to be completely honest with you, we hate what is going on within the Internet world. Within the piles and piles of guru offers, and blatant scams, it is very hard to be a "legit and ethical" business.

It is hard to let people know that we are real people, that we care about them, and we want to help them succeed. But once people get to us, they find it awesome and we help the majority of them succeed.

People come from all walks of life and get transformed here with one common goal in mind: To better their situation. For many people, it is not just about the money...it is about becoming better at something, or in our situation, helping other people out there succeed online.

We have dedicated our energies to growing other people into better online workers, better people and have helped them overcome many obstacles that they would not have once thought possible.

Success online is far easier than any Office job you may think of: Sales, Manufacturing job, IT job, Accounts, Selling stuff...you name it. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Anyways, I want to let you know that YOU CAN and WILL succeed if you work at this.

We teach you everything, from how to choose a company, to create accounts, all techniques you need to succeed in this business. Once you have those components in place, you will have something that is of VALUE.

Invest In Yourself!

Believe it or not, you can make a lot more online than YOU are making at your existing job. If you don't work or you are living on some form of financial assistance, then you can make a heck of a lot more, if only, you start by investing in yourself!

Regardless of your situation, you will have a much higher rate of success if you act as though you have one year...and within this year, you need to make a certain dollar amount.

You are your own most important financial asset and that it is imperative that you invest both time and money in your ability to generate an income. To generate income, you must invest in knowledge and skills

But is it all that will be required here? It isn’t only your knowledge and skill that makes the difference when it comes to how much money you make.

What makes the largest difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is how they use their time.

Successful people spend all of their day working hard on their most important tasks. Unsuccessful people do the opposite. They spend a lot of time on meaningless tasks, like checking their email every 10 minutes, facebooking and twitting and so on.

You will be a success if you spend enough of your time on activities that create value for you.

And to make money with our program, you will never need these things:

* You'll NEVER need your own website!
* You'll NEVER have to sell anything!
* You'll NEVER need to carry any products or inventory!
* You'll NEVER have to deal with customers or follow up on leads!
* You'll NEVER have to call or contact any customers!
* You'll NEVER have to work set hours. Work in your own time!

What you will need to have in order to succeed are:

* A computer
* A desire to make money online
* An hour or two per day of free time
* A willingness to learn

Start Make Money Right Now Entering Data Online! Take Advantage Of This Opportunity Today!

Can Anyone Do This Type of Work?
Do you have a computer with internet access?
Can you copy and paste data into forms?

If you answered YES to the above questions then you can definitely do this type of work!

To start making money within few minutes of joining, simply follow my step-by-step instructions in the “Members Area” as soon as you have access.

This opportunity is available to almost everyone worldwide and you can work from anywhere.

You will always have a way to make money working from home as there will always be a need for online Data Entry workers.

Below, you can read the testimonials of what people have said about this exclusive opportunity. This is a real solid way to make money on the Internet.

Your Incredible Opportunity

I am looking to work with a select group of people. The techniques I am going to show you beyond this page are powerful, proven to work, and above all, they are guaranteed! These are the same techniques I use every day to make an incredible living all from my home office!

I want you to have the feeling of making enough money that you don't have to worry about your bills and knowing that you can afford to buy the things you have always wanted and do the things you have always dreamed of!

I'm looking forward to being there with you every step of the way and helping you achieve all of your goals online!


Joshua Omondi

Joshua Omondi
"I had been scammed so many times before online, that i was hesitant to try another opportunity. I decided to jump on this again. Thanks for coming up something so real like this. I believer everyone has a chance to make something out of here! The customer care is absolute top class. It is Amazing how you make it easy even for regular guys like me to make money online. I’m on $700+ a month and improving! Not bad for only 4hr work a day. Many Thanks!!!"
"I Really Didn't Know What To Expect..."

"I Really Didn't Know What To Expect..."

"I was very skeptical when I first heard of Premier data entry jobs especially that I had lost before to some online programs
I made $100 in my first few weeks. It is safe to say I'm happy to have secured a spot here. All I would say about this is like it was such a life saver to me I only have the best recommendation for these guys and hope you become extremely rich doing this at home."

"$3k Extra A Month"

" I can’t believe I was reluctant to join this before, I am earning more than I ever have before. You can’t blame me as I’ve come across a lot of scams online claiming to make money. I love how simple the techniques are to sail straight away. Joined in January 2010 and have made $1,000 up to April, and still going. I’ll be recommending your site to my own email list very soon. "
- R. Mwaurah"


"No one can stop me from raking in over $100 every day right now. I have now put everything aside to concentrate on this fully. I can see with this, it is definitely possible. I have now set my goal.. I’m going for $200 and then $300 a day, hopefully, within the next few months. Thanks for all the support and help along the way.

" Just Over The First Week!!!"

"I joined a while back and have tripled my membership fee already :-) Top stuff in the Market, I would say!!!"

-P Korir

"Beyond My Dream!"

"I have joined a few membership sites over the last few years all promising to make me my dream income. I joined Premier data and quit all the other sites due to the amazing results I saw within a short time. The support is just owesome! I make tones of money every day! All my friends thank me all the time for inviting them to join. " - Juma

"No IT Skills & Still Making $700+!"

"Hey Premier data!"

- Juma

"x 2 Of What I Used To Earn!"

"I doubled my accountancy job salary with half of the work I was doing. I am a qualified accountant (CPA K) and have been working as an account for nearly 10 years. But, I got fed up of the long hours and never having time for the wife and kids, I found a much better alternative. The months gone, I made over $6k!! I work 5 hours a day. I have more time to attend to other issues now. Getting me into this to make more money so I can spend my time with my family means I am a satisfied member. "

Morris Kiragu

“From Cyber Café Attendant to…."

"I have attached my money bookers accounts statement of my earnings so you can see in my first two months I made $722!! I was in, and still am in absolute shock!(I never thought this was a serious thing to be sincere)! I joined up, signed up with the companies you gave me, followed the a simple instructions, got into one project, submitted my work in time and by the end of the month I had $270 in my moneybookers account! "

- Esther Momanyi

"$250 every month while at college"

"I had to make money so I could put myself through college. I tried everything I came across online and decided to give this a try. It has made me good amount of cash! Once I finish my diploma I won’t have to work in the office job I had lined up! I am currently averaging $250 per month with less than 2 hours work a day (hour tops!!) If I had enough time for this, I would be talking like the rest, i.e in terms of thousands of dollars."

Alex K.

ABarely One week and a few days since membership, I'm now working on a
project I got.
I'm through and doing final touches before I deliver it on Sunday 2nd.
Thanks God for this great service you introduced.
Paul. Kiambu
I feel great and honored for receiving this details. In fact for your
information I am doing well because I have got another job through
********* and still awaiting another interview. This details will
make my life under your services very exciting & comfortable. God
"I was hesitant to try another opportunity. But i thank God i joined you. Thanks for coming up something so real like this. I believer everyone has a chance to make something out of here! The customer care is absolute top class. It is Amazing how you make it easy even for regular guys like me to make money online. I’m on few bucks a month and improving! Many Thanks!!!"
" I can’t believe I was reluctant to join this before, I am earning more than I ever have before. You can’t blame me as I’ve come across a lot of scams online claiming to make money. I love how simple the techniques are to sail straight away. Joined in January 2010 and have made $1,000 up to April, and still going. I’ll be recommending your site to my own email list very soon. "
- R. Mwaurah

"He makes $2,000 per week
... and he’s just getting started!"*
“I was skeptical at first when I saw this because it seemed too good to be true, but after I joined and started working with this program, I realized this was the real deal. I can’t believe how easy it is to make money with this!”
• Adam –

You and your staff are a blessing for which I must give you the praise you deserve. I have been doing wonders with this program you have so kindly given me the opportunity to try. I wish to let everyone know what a wonderful job you are doing and how great these programs are. God Bless all of you
Greetings From Mombasa, Kenya,

My name is Sarah and I reside in Mombasa. Your program is absolutely a marvelous opportunity that I have done rather well with. I was wondering why you don't market this more, there honestly is nothing better on the internet from what I have seen. Just thought you should know this.

Sarah L.
"BEFORE, she was living with a sister
with her 2 young children...
.. TODAY, she’s making $1,000+ per month, and
lives in her own!"*
“Hi, I just had to say thank you. I have been taken so much on the internet. And to finally find something helpful and worth the time to go through and really look at is just great. So thanks again for all of your time and hard work in putting this program together.”

“Hi, I just had to say thank you. I have been taken so much on the internet. And to finally find something helpful and worth the time to go through and really look at is just great. So thanks again for all of your time and hard work in putting this program together.”
- Irene.


Now, you may be thinking...

"That's great .... it's good your members are happy. But what about me, huh? How can I make that kind of money? And please don't give me the usual"

Ok. Let us begin.

First of all, let's get one thing clear.

You can't learn how to get those kind of results in an info product. Or sitting behind your computer.

You can learn the basics that way...?

Doesn't happen too often.

Be Honest With Me.....

You and and I have probably never met. But, I do know that if you're reading this- there's a very good chance you're going through something similar to what many people go through... the same thing I went through for my first 2 years online.

You've been at this on-line thing for a long time now- many months, possibly even years .

You've hung on. But... time is catching up with you. Deep down- you know this stuff works

But... You're starting to doubt if that day will come when you will make big online.

And you know that if you don't do something soon... something drastic... then nothing is going to get better by itself. That's why you need to be a member here.

As one of the lucky person allowed in the members area, you'll be able to witness coaching and access to the best companies that hire people to work for them on-line.... The training is so incredibly powerful... that when you will soon see drastic results, you will not be able to hide it...

The kind of increases that most of the people in the world think are impossible.

The kind of increase, where people around you think you must be doing something illegal...

...they just can't imagine you could make so much in a single month.

You see... I'm all about speed.

I want things to move fast.

Because I understand that time is running out, for all of us. We each have an egg timer over our heads, telling us how long we have to live.

Time is extremely precious to me. And it probably is to you too.

"Get rich slow"?


Get rich fast instead. It's actually no where near as hard as most people think - you just need someone to show you how.

I'm guessing you're pretty impatient with how your income is growing lately...

You've been patient enough as it is.

Now it's time to get things moving.

Now, before we continue, let me address the thought that may have reared it's head, in the back of your mind...

Who Should And Should Not get into these online stuff.....?


This is for you if you're:

- Impatient with how slow you are making money... (or not making at all)

- You have hunger to work online and be independent

- You'd like to hear from people who are actually in the field, sharing their hard-earned lessons based on real life experience - NOT theory

- You understand the concept of 'better to spend 1 day with the master, than 1,000 days of trial and error'

This is NOT for you if:

- You have guilty thoughts about making money fast

- You think anything that sounds 'get rich quick' must be BS (most of the 'get rich quick' stuff is BS, but I can assure you, everything you learn from us is proven to work and is working to thousands of others)

- You don't see the value in investing a measley sum, to learn things that 99% of the community here have no clue about, and never will

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